FLOW5 CORE – Focus and The Wheel of Life

Remember the story of Ms. Focus a couple of blogs ago, well, she has been keeping busy with checking off that many things-to-do-list, seemingly enthusiastic about running around all those errands and completing her daily tasks. She was starting to realize was though she was busy, it was getting more difficult for her to go about her day with excitement, and was beginning to slump into a self-doubt. She has the 3Ds – Discipline, Drive and Determination, has been working hard, is positive, solutions oriented, practices self-care and works her plan, so, why is it that after a period of time, weariness starts to set in, and the mornings were getting harder.

Today’s webtorial was just in time to shed some light to Ms. Focus situation. Sometimes, in the hustle bustle of small things, the client can get lost with the many distraction of every day life, the many interference of building for the future. When that happens, it is time to visit The Wheel of Life!

The Wheel of Life provides a helicopter view of the areas in our lives, so that we can picture which areas that we would like to focus on, and to also assess the quality of focus in those areas. The Wheel of Life (WOL) also visualizes a holistic scope to the client to put into context the coaching journey that they are on, it shows the connection of today’s situation to the client’s life and helps the FLOW5 of movement from current to the client’s ideal. Add-in timelines and you have a powerful tool to drive momentum and intensity.

The Wheel of Life Template

Once established, the WOL should be visited monthly or quarterly to review the progress of the priorities, goals, outcomes and satisfaction. It also helps the client to test which priorities would create meaningful goals for them and which could have more impact on their quality of life. It can surface hidden, underlying issues that could be causing stress points and negativity in the client. The tool suggests a flow, and opportunity for possible improvements, which is motivating and empowering.

With the WOL, the client can zoom in and focus on areas that are working (or not?), solutions (and problems), strengths (as well as limitations, derailers) and discover truths (unravelling insecurities). The client can leverage on the positive areas and create the momentum needed to push ahead. The client can focus on the different intensity that is needed to create impact. The client can challenge his/her own comfort zone to move into the courage zone for transformation.

For Ms. Focus, we can generally say that she high level of awareness, however, the insecurities could be stemming from the dissatisfaction in the results area of her WOL. She can assess whether her timelines are too loose, hence whilst the mission is big, the lack of intensity, is not motivating enough. She could also be more specific to what would success look like to her. What are the measures that she consider as success in her scale of WOL? Ms. Focus could analyze which of her activities that is not contributing the areas in her WOL and creating space for those that will be more efficient for her. She will need to let go some!

This would help Ms. Focus in finding her footing out of the comfort zone, and create a catalyst for her towards the courage zone in order for her to be more satisfied with her progress in her WOL.

The Wheel of Life is a simple, yet effective visual tool to build trust & rapport with the client, to follow-up as life tool, to prioritize goals and missions, and to ensure that baby-steps towards the bigger picture of the clients’ mission.

After completing her own WOL, Ms. Focus saw that some of her efforts were actually in line with her areas of focus. However, there were still some loose ends from various projects that she has yet to close, and this is causing some feelings of dissatisfaction. It was also very apparent, that whilst she had the resources at hand to move ahead, she has not mobilized them, hence the lack progress. With this new found awareness, Ms. Focus has worked out her next steps in line with her WOL.

To conclude, I would like to share this amazing video about focus and what we do in bring that focus into our lives, both as coaches and for our clients. Enjoy!

Video credit: Motivation Creator & Tony Robbins https://www.tonyrobbins.com/ http://www.unshakeable.com/

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