The Finale – Do the Hustle

As the end of the program draws to a close, I inevitably fall into the motion of leaving that comfortable space of a learner to a ….. ???? ….. ok, a graduate. It reminds me of when I completed by Biomedical Science Degree, and I was eager to fly the nest. I was an enthusiast young job seeker, innocently eager to proof myself and conquer the world. Well, technically that is how I should feel. On the contrary, having tasted real life, perhaps I was also feeling, like how my coachees felt. Moving out of that safe space, into the unknown, losing that sense of a nurturing partner (in my case the camaraderie of the CCC group), and this is where it starts to get real. It’s time to HUSTLE!

So, how do I even begin? where do I start? what and when is my finish line? and the best question of all, why am I doing this again? (I can just imagine, my coachees asking these same questions). In this game of life, to be openly honest, to each his own. Everyone starts at a different place, everyone has a different finish line, everyone has their own reasons why. MOST IMPORTANTLY, as long you have UTMOST CLARITY on your why, your hustle goes a long way. I find myself asking this question more often these days to my coachees. “Why do they want to make these changes?”, “Why is it important to them?”, “Why is the next step challenging?”, “Why?”.

Having anchor and appease all the demons, then it’s time for The Hustle. Just like the song The Hustle whispers forcefully, DO IT!

Oh, do it
Oh, do it
Do it
Do the hustle, do the hustle

Excerpt from the hustle lyrics

Yet, there is a deeper resistance to just taking that leap of faith, trust and making that change, step-by-step, exploring courageously. As coaches, we can help identify patterns of false starts in any change process, depicted below.

By Coach Mel Leow, MCC as part of CCC Program 2020. Design by Shereen.

Everyone will have some form of apprehension and nervous anticipation to change, attempting something new, and transformation. However, as coaches we can work with the coachee to identify the above patterns, so that it doesn’t hold back their progress, or derail them from reaching their full potential and beyond.

Painfully, I recently discovered that self-sabotage was a pattern at some pivotal life moments which I masked as rebellion / or a challenge to authority or norm. Knowing this, I would now clarify with my coachees, on how they managed lost opportunities of the past. This will give a good indicator to their false-start patterns.

In summary, the key essence, spirit and intent of coaching revolve around 3 main themes – Perspective, Affirmation, and Celebration (or as Coach Mel terms it as P.A.C). Our role as coaches is to identify and partner our coachees through their perspectives, assuring that they are each unique; to provide a safe space, affirm and empower our coachees to find the best vision of themselves and finally, essentially to celebrate every step of the way, even in failure, setbacks and trials.

By Coach Mel Leow, MCC as part of CCC Program 2020. Design by Shereen.

So, what’s next?

I took on this journey in the most trying time of my life. Everything happens for a reason, and this learning journey found a place not just in my life, but my heart. It came at a point when I was breaking down, and I found breakthrough. Though, I am just skimming the surface of its prowess, I deeply believe that this is my calling to recreate myself anew. Being part of the CCC program was my golden buzzer moment, where I can be the greatest vision of who I am, serving the agenda of my soul. I am blessed.

Stay tuned!

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Coach, Consultant, Wellness Advocate, Artist, Mom

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