Journey to Me!

“What’s next?”

That was my typical question upon achieving or completing tasks, jobs, projects, programs and even house chores. 2020 was already a year of huge changes and adjustments, at work, home, family, life and finances. And here I was, asking what’s next? It seems that I have stopped making sense even to me. I was chasing one thing after another senselessly, completing them unjoyfully and hustling that hamster-wheel even harder, faster, crazier. I was feeling tired emotionally, mentally drained, and soulless. I realized happiness was a destination to me. At every mile, I was looking at the next to be happy, seeking joy at the next, and all I got was… to do it all over again.

So far, it has been a journey, of deep discoveries, of courageous contemplation, of rough rhetorics. As much as I was growing, learning, playing, and finding myself, there were so many layers of myself that I didn’t realize was either holding me back or blocking me from the next best thing. I was lost in me!

We know what we know, we see what we’ve been told to see, we hear what we want to. In reality, what we need is to see with our soul, hear with our hearts, and belief with faith. I was simply aging, a 12 year-old stuck in a 44 year-old life.

Over the months, THRIVE helped me to consult myself, deeply, inwardly, retrospectively and future-forward. Gosh, you imagine doing it away from life, in a resort somewhere, where you have the time, space and energy to unpack everything, would have been great and beautiful. Sorry, NOOOOO – THRIVE was alive! Living and breathing right at the heart of my daily chaos. I had to work through all those nuts and bolts, reframe those beliefs, practise new routines, find time, space and energy through home repairs, injuries, work, family and daily needs of everyone around. I had to find ways to adjust as I tried to be patient as sh*t happens, persevere through all the demands of the program (and life!), for this relentless journey to myelf, me. And… make it work! I almost felt like a snake shedding its skin. Painful, risky, much needed, but at the end, I’m still the same snake with subtle changes, minute new nuances, a little better than before. Yet, oh the feeling of learning about myself, the moments when it all made sense especially of why I do what I do and so many almost magical discoveries.

Fast forward, I am STILL in this journey to me, in addition it’s a journey for me, and in my worth. There were many strengths which I had to let go (as it no longer can serve me properly) – independent, action-oriented, meticulous, doing-it-all and many more. Instead I discovered the joy of support, the pleasure of rest, the inspiration of big picture and the beauty of timeliness, seasonal.

THRIVE is not meant for everyone. If you are looking for a program to magically transform you with all the bells and whistles, this is not for you. THRIVE holds you to your highest accountability of yourself. THRIVE pushes you to the depths of the very core of yourself. If you are not ready to face yourself, THRIVE is not for you, but then again, if you are not sure if you can…

Summarizing THRIVE and the journey I was part of…

T – Trust the Process & the journey

H – Have the Courage to be uncomfortable

R – Reflect, Rest & Rejuvenate

I – Inevitable Results & Growth

V – Deep & Subliminal Values

E – Evoking Awareness & Awakening

BUT, hey! It’s not yet finished. I’m not finished. I’m still in this journey of me, I’m still on this adventure of me. I am Shereen.

Happy New Year and Blessing for 2022 !

If you want to know more about THRIVE, connect with I don’t want to spill too much of the beans 😉

Published by Shereen Kaur

Coach, Consultant, Wellness Advocate, Artist, Mom

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