5 Steps to Leading With A Purpose as YOU!

If you are an action-oriented leader and you're ready to discover your Unique Purpose to lead your teams through the NEXT NORM and TRANSITIONS TODAY … but you don’t know where to start-download this Free Guide where we show you:

  • How to create a working plan for finding and living your leadership purpose (even if you feel stuck and don’t know where to start)
  • The 5 Steps to Finding and Discovering YOUR own authentic leadership, including a practical actionable, quick roadmap
  • How to make positive changes, NOW, to create and maintain a meaningful, purpose-filled life as a Leader...

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5 Steps to Leading with A Purpose as YOU!



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5 Steps To Leading With A Purpose As YOU!

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Shereen is a Certified Coach and HR Expert who works with leaders and managers to drive results, optimize growth, and engage high performing teams through all the different changes and transformations that their organizations are undergoing today.

After more than 20 years in sales, marketing, business development, HR, employee engagement, and diversity & inclusion, Shereen knows that that all these changes and transformation is necessary yet it is messy, uncertain, exhausting and time-consuming for leaders and managers.

Shereen has coached and worked with global brands like Jobstreet, AIA, L'Oréal, BD Asia, Laura Mercier and businesses like Serac Asia, Tohtonku, Alliance Bank and Petronas to navigate through change and find their cutting edge through their leaders and teams.

Shereen holds an MBA in International Business & Marketing, a Certified ICF-Coach, a Work Motivation Coach and a Certified HRDC Facilitator since 2006.

Outside of her passion for coaching and supporting leaders and managers, Shereen loves working with you and is a co-founder of BreakTheBox, a peer-to-peer youth organization to support youths in today’s world. She is also an avid artist, finding the balance of painting and using her artistic creativity when working with leaders.