Coaching 101

I love how this web-torial opens up all the vulnerabilities, the challenges, the entire conundrum of WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO?

For those who thought that Coaching is just to listen, give advice, help to build a plan, work on that plan, having numerous coffee conversations, everyone (including the coach) in the process is super motivated, discipline, open, honest and there is a happy ever after following a GOOD coaching session, you may not be having your feet on the ground. If only, it was that simple, right?

Whilst the previous blog focused on the elements of WHAT is coaching, this session quantifies the BEING of a coach. The WHO and the WHY of coaching.

So, who makes a good coach? Perhaps even to challenge, who makes a GREAT coach?

I think many of us have the potential to be a good coach, as a start. Essential qualities of a good coach would be non-judgmental, a high sense of belief in the coachee’s potential, able to nurture and facilitate learning, listens intently and uses powerful questions to create awareness, motivate action plans and celebrate results. A good coach also is aware of his/her OWN beliefs, reflective of OWN potential and facilitates OWN development. After all, you are only as good as your were yesterday.

What if we take this to the next level? What qualities make a GREAT coach? How does one leap from good to great?

“You have two choices. You can make a living or you can design a life”

Jim Rohn,

The depth of the sharing in the web-torials, the generous, open-hearted candor of the students, the different style of learning, and simply the overall vibe, camaraderie shows me the insights of GREAT coaches in the making. Authentic, raw, intuitive, nurturing, stewardship, open, honest, pure-hearts, courageous, just floored me that I hope to be coached by some of the greatest here.

My key take-away from this web-torial is don’t blink! Observe the elements and qualities of great coaches in action, and whichever points that either give you an A-HA moment or made you feel D-UH… that is your next step!

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Published by Shereen Kaur

Coach, Consultant, Wellness Advocate, Artist, Mom

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