Cherry on The Cake!

As we near the end of 2020, and the Catalyst Coach Certification program, I am humbly reminded of that fateful call with Coach Mel that transformed my life (and those around me) back in April 2020. I could follow the traditions, OR I could scribe my own journey, because I was ready to. I hadContinue reading “Cherry on The Cake!”

The Finale – Do the Hustle

As the end of the program draws to a close, I inevitably fall into the motion of leaving that comfortable space of a learner to a ….. ???? ….. ok, a graduate. It reminds me of when I completed by Biomedical Science Degree, and I was eager to fly the nest. I was an enthusiastContinue reading “The Finale – Do the Hustle”

Managing Progress and Accountability

Dreams don’t work, unless you do ~ John C. Maxwell ~ It happens all the time doesn’t it. We plan, plan, plan. We make tonnes of intentions for transformation or change. We gather feedback after feedback. YET, at the first hurdle, we tend to quickly give-up! We are fast to provide ‘reasons’ aka excuses, andContinue reading “Managing Progress and Accountability”

Honour Learning

Have you ever experienced, after all your hardwork, change, blood, sweat and tears, that when you reached the destination of your journey, it was just a feeling of ‘meh’, or ‘what? that’s it?’ or even ‘I thought there’s more to this?’. Have you ever watched a trailer of an exciting movie, bought the premier tickets,Continue reading “Honour Learning”

Coaching Models and mine…

I am sure, just like I have, you would have experienced that situation where you have talked to a person (or persons) numerous times about an issue, and whilst you feel relieved in sharing the burdensome story, you are back to square one, just like a boat afloat on still waters, without its oars? Repetitive,Continue reading “Coaching Models and mine…”

Planning and Goal Setting

“I would love to take up painting” “I wish I could paint like you” “One day, I will start painting” Ever since I started my painting late 2017, these a just a few wishes that I have heard time and time again, from many well intended folks. I used to wonder, what was so difficult?Continue reading “Planning and Goal Setting”

Creativity in Coaching

I’ve been known to be trigger happy with my creative ideas, infamously known amongst my friends as someone who never shies away from the challenge of turning ideas into reality (no matter how crazy they sound). Though I must admit, not always successfully, not always on point, not always sustainably. My motto was always “CubaContinue reading “Creativity in Coaching”

What’s Brewing? T.E.A.

I recently bumped into a friend who was struggling to increase her social media presence as an artist. No matter what she was doing, she simply wasn’t getting the traction that was needed. In addition, she decided to quit full-time employment, to fully focus on being an independent artist. I’ve known her a couple yearsContinue reading “What’s Brewing? T.E.A.”

Strengths-based Coaching

“I feel so lost and frustrated. My boss was very appreciative of my open, honest feedback and valued it at the beginning when I first joined. Now, after many years, he says I am always just complaining. I am not complaining. I am just being me!” Sounds familiar? A strength perceived to be overplayed, potentiallyContinue reading “Strengths-based Coaching”